Kinesio Taping

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What is Kinesio Tape?
And What Can It Do For me?

As a qualified, advanced sports practioner enabling me to apply Kinesio tape for many sporting and non-sporting injuries – for example “frozen shoulder and tennis elbow, Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, back pain, jaw pain the list is endless.

Kinesio tape is different from conventional sports tape. It is cotton, flexible and allows full range of motion with the body. because of its elastic quick recoil properties, the tape can help distribute forces through other nearby structures such as the fascia, ligaments.

Taping is reported to reduce pain sensitivity by novel input to the nervous system, creating fresh sensations and stimulating body awareness.

Kinesio taping is a therapeutic taping method using a uniquely designed elastic tape that is applied after clinical assessment and treatment. The only tape with 30 years of clinical use, application, and increasing evidence of positive clinical outcomes.

Kinesio Tape is a water-resistant, latex-free tape which has many methods of application affecting the sensors of the skin, changing the healing process of the body.

Kinesio tape has been used widely in many sporting arenas, including the 2008/2012 Olympic Games for elite Athletes.

Before application, it may be necessary to shave the area to be treated to ensure adequate adhesion and reduce pain levels on the removal of tape. (Please be advised to shave the area before attending for treatment) and please do not apply oils or moisturiser before application as this also reduced adhesion.

The tape can be applied and worn for between 3 to 5 days for continued therapeutic benefit, which can be worn during exercise.

I offer a re-taping session following an initial assessment. This is a short session, at a reduced price, for people who require taping only prior to matches or in between full appointments to continue the therapeutic benefits of the tape.

Kinesio Taping

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What can Kinesio Taping Be Used for?


Treat acute Or Chronic Injuries


Strengthen or Relax Muscles


Give Pain or pressure relief


Strengthen Week Ligaments or Tendons


Removed congestion from oedeme or haematomas


Improve proprioceptors and joint biomechanics/ alignments

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