Massage and Mobilisation

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What is Massage and Mobilisation?
And What Can It Do For me?

There are varying types of massage that I offer in the clinic. Remedial massage and Sports massage (which comes under the banner Massage and Mobilisation) are the most popular. Patients frequently ask for a massage to help with relaxation, for example, a neck and shoulder massage for office workers which are monthly maintenance appointments.

Sports massage utilises various techniques depending on your requirements. It could be Pre or post-event massage, whether you are a recreational or competitive athlete needing more vigorous deep tissue massage.

Remedial massage therapy is a very therapeutic form of massage. When muscles feel knotted, tense or damaged, remedial massage therapy offers a holistic method of healing using gentle, strong and deep or shallow movements. Remedial massage works to treat specific injuries or muscular dysfunction using a range of techniques to locate and facilitate repair to the damaged muscle, joint, tendon or ligament. This, in turn, will work to rebalance the body and contribute to optimal health.

Massage is reported to support patients with:

  • Postural chronic pain
  • Sports Injuries and pre-post event massages
  • Stress and anxiety including headaches and general tension
  • Muscle trauma and tendonitis conditions
Massage and Mobilisation

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Benefits of Massage and Mobilisation


Improve circulation & lymphatic flow


Assist in the removal of metabolic waste


Sedate or stimulate nerve endings


Increase or decrease muscle length


Remodel scar tissue when required


Increase or decrease muscle tone

More Information

What You Can Expect

Massage therapy is a popular treatment in sport and also among the general population. It focuses on treating soft tissue problems. Massage is commonly used to treat muscle tension and general aches and pains that typically arise from stress, injury, pain, poor posture or movement dysfunction.

Sports and remedial massage can be used before and after sport and as part of a routine to help you maintain performance by preventing increased training stresses developing into longer-term injuries. However, you don’t have to be a sportsperson to benefit from massage. I treat many individuals with, for example, physically demanding jobs or postural problems where this more intense treatment can deliver real benefit.

Sport and remedial massage can be used for the general relaxation of the musculoskeletal system as well as being directed into local problem areas, thereby reducing pain and improving recovery. Massage can help increase blood flow to the lymphatic system, improve circulation, relieve pain and aid relaxation to enable quicker recovery from injury and high training loads as well as preventing further injury.

Some Frequently Asked Questions


When to use sports massage?

The demand for Sports Massage continues to grow as today's athletes, both recreational and professional, recognise its potential benefits. Effective massage is considered an important component in performance enhancement and recovery during periods of high training loads and intensive competition schedules.

As training loads increase, a point is reached where the body is no longer able to fully recover between sessions, and performance may level off and eventually decline. The symptoms of incomplete recovery of the musculoskeletal system are muscle pain, joint pain, and inflammation. Therefore, appropriate Sports massage can help when used before and after sport, or for regular maintenance.


Pre-event massage

Although athletes use pre-event massage to prepare for training or competition, there are complete contrasting needs and reasons as to why. Pre-event massage can be used positively to psych-up the athlete, or in contrast, used to induce relaxation, reduce mental stress and anxiety levels of the athlete.

Studies have demonstrated that athletes who receive pre-event massage believe they have performed better on physical exertion tests than those who didn't have a massage. Psychologically, some athletes consider a pre-event massage as part of their normal routine when preparing for an event.

As an athlete, the psychological effects of massage must not be underestimated. The types of massage, strokes, speed, depth and intensity, will be governed by the nature of the athlete's event and need.


Post-event massage

Post-event massage is primarily used for its physiological benefits in helping the athlete to recover more quickly after intense periods of training or competition. Post-event massage can provide benefits and effects such as: increased circulation and nutrition to damaged tissues with increased removal of wastes and toxins, i.e. improved fluid exchange.

Subsequently, this means that increased training loads are possible, thereby potentially offering that extra edge or marginal gains over their competitors. Whereas, failure to fully recover can often lead to over-training and result in reduced performance and increased susceptibility to soft tissue injury. Some studies have demonstrated post-event massage to reduce the symptoms of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which is predominately attributed to eccentric muscle activity. Many athletes claim that post-event massage, through the removal of wastes, reduced muscle tension, and an improved feeling of relaxation, which often leads to improved sleep patterns – thereby further enhancing the recovery process.

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